Hau Mitakuyapi

It's Reg. Thanks for checking out the new website! I appreciate all of the kind words and support from the last year.  Throughout my life I have always wanted to create content but fear held me back all these years.  Something snapped inside me this year and I just thought I would go for it.  I piss people off, give people things to think about, make fun of things and behaviors (not people) I think are funny especially my thinking and behaviors.  Again I stress, I don't make fun of people, I poke fun at behavior.

 I graduated with an American Indian Studies degree and don't use it for employment; I make videos, memes, podcasts, shirts, and inflammatory posts with it.  People do not care what younger people have to say unless its a half-ass campaign promise.  Many times they only want to tell you what to think so I wanted a platform and to give others (that I respect) a platform.  As for videos, if I do not think it is funny I will not do it.  I do not do things unless they have meaning to me and I can be proud of the work I do.  I also don't do this for money, actually I have spent a lot of my wife and parents money in these ventures but it is very enjoyable, especially using someone else's money. 

Live life, be creative, be yourself to the fullest and let the world figure out what to do with you, stop giving a fuck about what others think of you, it's none of your business after all.